My RPG sites

I am webmaster of several sites dedicated to my favorite RPGSs. Enjoy!

  • Adda Lee in the Black, a small site dedicated to the Serenity and Firefly RPGs, the games from the famous movie and series (in French)
  • Ars Magica, presumably my favorite game: middle-ages, history, and magic
  • Project: Redcap’s (the Ars Magica portal) French page
  • Ars Mag tables of contents, an amateur magazine dedicated to Ars Magica (in French)
  • Bleue Planète v2, site dedicated to the Blue Planet game (sci-fi and ecology; in French)
  • Modular d30 system, the last RPG system of mine (in French)
  • Château Falkenstein, for Castle Falkenstein, an excellent steampunk game
  • Furry Pirates, anthropomorphic pirates (in French)
  • Guildes, heroic fantasy, adventures and discovery (in French)
  • Triche-Lumière, a site dedicated to Empire Galactique (high-tech made in France sci-fi; in French)
  • Yo%, an RPG system of mine (in French)

A couple more pages (only in French)…

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