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Envision a land of adventure and mystery, of falling empires and rising nations, where the creatures of legend and myth exist side-by-side with historical figures and places. This is Mythic Medieval Europe. Strange events are explained away by scholars as rumor and superstition, but you know better. You know that some myths are real, and that tales told by the serfs around their peat-fueled fires often ring true. You know of Ars Magica, the art of magic. No matter who you choose to play - be it steadfast Grog, talented Companion, or spellcasting Magus - Ars Magica is a game that offers perilous encounters, intriguing mysteries, powerful enemies, and high adventure for all.

Ars Magica is set in a medieval world of light and dark, it offers a mythic landscape where legend is truth. As a magus, your life is devoted to the art of magic, and you are free to pursue any style of magical power you wish. The destructive power of fire, subtle control over the mind, the mysterious magic of the faeries... All this and more can be yours if your will is strong. As a wizard's companion, you can come from any walk of life in the medieval world. While the magi have magical power, you have your own skills and unique abilities that make you invaluable, whether they be skill at arms, a silver tongue, immense strength, or mystic talents. Surely mercenaries, refined troubadours, itinerant friars, social outcasts, and wizened scholars have been known to accompany the magi on their journeys.

Together, the magi and their companions face personal and physical challenges as they confront the enmity of nobles, the trickery of demons, the glory of angels, the illusions of faeries, and the fangs of the ferocious beasts. The rich detail of Mythic Europe is yours to revel in, with history and myth joining to set the stage for adventures in a world as familiar as your dreams.

(Cited from the Ars Magica description in "Wizards of the Coast 1995 Spring/Summer Catalog")

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