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Balthuis, House Jerbiton

Player: Denis

Virtues & Flaws


Balthuis, Jerbiton magus, was born in 1170 in the city of Strasbourg. His family was from the middle class (his father was a cook and his mother a linen maid in a rich house) and numerous (he has 4 brothers and 2 sisters. One day, when he was 9, a magus came to the house of Master Klinter, his parents' boss and a beer brewer. He was noticed then. This Magus, member of House Jerbiton and of the Covenant of Straminer, a small village in Alsace, was called Gewurtz.

Hence Franz started his apprenticeship. But he wasn't a studious student. Once his work completed, he used to join the cook and covenant grogs to work for the community.

Among the grogs of Straminer, Master Gant, the chief wine grower and Ma' Blix, the cook, adopted him as a kind of apprentice. Thus he acquired the knowledge in the Arts of Table and Wine. This capacity of integration pleased Gewurtz. So he let Franz go on studying magic, cooking and vine growing. Each time he had to go, he'd took Franz with him for a new season of study. Everybody was happy. The covenant started to sell its wine in Strasbourg and to several neighbouring covenants. Franz' magic helped.

But workin in vineyards is not only a pleasure for Franz. It also fears greatly the snakes that bake in the sun and wait for the wine grower arm to bite it. Franz consider them as animals of the devil and the infernal. During a trip with Gewurtz, Franz met a dark magus.

He had in his purse a couple of infernal vis pawns and Franz was feeling very dizzy. His master was suprised, as was the goetian. Hence they came closer to Franz and he vanished. A couple of years later, the dark magus was convinced of diabolism, marched, and killed by a Quaesitor.

Franz has just passed his gauntlet and has taken the name of Balthuis.

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