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Funny lines by Gillou!

Cortolis wants to get discreetly into the city of Cherbourg. He plans to fly over the town, turned into a falcon, land in a dark, narrow street, and assume his human form back. Likely to be stealthy.
SG: Sure, a falcon isn't very big.
Gillou: Yeah, especially at night!

Gillou: I check if there's a hollow cavity inside.

Gillou: Furthermore, you bump into the walls when you're invisible!

Anne-Gaëlle: We don't care if there's nobody in the street. We don't care, we are invisible!

Gillou: I make burning oil and I ignite it.

Fred: I see if I can inseminate myself in the (dice) game.

SG: The hunters drop the wild goats they carried.
Anne-Gaëlle: What? The hunters lick the goats?! (In French, to drop = lâcher, to lick = lécher).

Anne-Gaëlle: He is guilty! Look what he's holding: a sock!

Fred: When she speaks, you don't notice she's blind.

Sam: We all have a pair of teeth.

Gillou: I run after the left hand wall!

Gillou (looking through the window at a medieval fair below): There are bulls pulling cows! (Must have been bulls pulling carts).

Gillou: If I change the color of your clothes, nobody will detect it, but if I add a pig head...

Gillou: ...go and rob the Mac Graves. (Mac Graf, presumably)

Gillou: It's more balanced: two girls and two chicks.

Gillou: Are you alone as this herd's chief? (to a priest)

Gillou: Can we see invisible faeries?

SG: The cross has disappeared.
Denis: Let's chase it!

Coelric the Bjornær learns a new animal form: the bat.
The troupe: That's bat-mage & Mc Robin! (Oh well, it was late... 8) Mc Robin is a bowman from the Covenant).

From an anonymous contributor...
GM: Make a finesse roll.
Player: Why finesse? It's not subtle, it's brutal!

Gillou: (...) white as a leek.

SG: It is dark, very dark.
Anne-Gaëlle: But I do see in black!

Anne-Gaëlle: I cast Arm of the Infant or Contagious Laughter of the Newborn!

SG: The time of the end of reign is over!

François: A flash of lightning resounds.

Denis: Small isn't big.

Denis: We're not tourists in the XXth century!

Players: Up to what distance can we see above a lake?
Anne-Gaëlle: Depends if it goes up or down.
SG: Uh, lakes tend to be flat...

Anne-Gaëlle: What's this circle in this room? (It was a circle around the room number on the map).

Alexandra: I make a lamp without light.

SG: You see a motionless body down the cliff.
Anne-Gaëlle : I rush down!

Gillou: We'll have to teach him the basics of rudiment.

Anne-Gaëlle: Your children are more likely to have the Gift than children found in the wilderness.

François: I take him in a corner and cast some Muto Corpus on him (Jordi speaking of Riyad).

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