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Covenant: Isla de Encanta

Our saga

This saga's alpha Storyguide is Jérôme. Our beta Storyguide is Sam, whenever the faeries from Aqualora are involved.

The Isla de Encanta Covenant was founded in 1212 AD by Cortolis, Cron, Dalbaud and Helkus. Threatened by the albigensian crusade, a strong faerie malediction, and powerful political enemies (including Doissetep), they had to leave their former Covenant, the Dragon's Cave, in haste. They left the Provencal Tribunal and crossed the Pyrenees to settle in the Iberian Tribunal. The site they chose, gifted with a good magical Aura, is a small island located near Valencia. Not to loose contact with the rest of the world, they also bought a house in Valencia.

Note: Isla de Encanta, in Spanish, can have two meanings. One possible interpretation is that this name means "island of enchantments". In that case, everything is fine. :-) The other interpretation is that it means "Encanta's island". But then, who is Encanta?

Well, Encanta is actually a living person. She had "slept" on the island for more than eight century, before she awoke. She introduced herself as a true Priestess of Mercury, whose Cult she plans to restore to its full glory!


After nearly 50 game years (1197 AD: foundation of the Dragon's Cave Covenant, in the Provencal Tribunal; 1212 AD: relocation of the Covenant in Spain, and foundation of Isla de Encanta; 1246 AD: last story), more than 3 years in real life, the Isla de Encanta Saga is going on hiatus. The players eventually scattered all over the country, getting a job here, or there... That's life. That's how Covenants evolve too, like Isla de Encanta, going through a weak Spring and a bright Summer, before reaching a long Autumn.

Yes, Isla de Encanta enters Autumn. But isn't Autumn the most beautiful season, after all? The island is infertile, right, but its magical defense is so that no mortal could threaten it. The island is unhospitable, the head-shaved grogs frightening - as much as they are themselves frightenened by their masters. But those masters, the magi of Isla de Encanta, are now mature wizards. They know the most powerful enchantments, and have lived so many adventures we can't recall them all. They triumphed from (almost! :-) every hazard, to end by beating up the terrible ghost of a mad Encanta... What a great end!

Thank you, thus, to Anne-Gaëlle (Pyria), Didier (Cortolis), Fred (Iternus), Gilles (Cron), and Samuel (Helkus), the main characters of these long and fun hours of gaming.

-- Jérôme, happy storyguide --

Post Scriptum: Don't worry, o noble visitor! Even if the Isla de Encanta Saga begins a long hiatus, this site won't disappear, and will keep on evoluting. Maybe with a new Saga... Who knows?


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