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Covenant: Isla de Encanta


Cortolis, formerly House Jerbiton, now House Ex Miscellanea

History. Cortolis (Hugues of Mons), born in 1173 AD, passed the gauntlet in 1197 AD. Cute, dark haired with grey eyes, well dressed. Married in 1206 AD to Blanche of Congost, niece of Raymond of Péreille, lord of Péreille and Montségur. Partisan of the Cathar cause against the barbarian servants of the Antechrist of Rome (or Babylon).

Known descendence. Blanche of Congost: Forneira (1207 AD), Raymond (1208 AD). Lady Celia (faerie from the Realm of Karoya): Cortola (1200 AD). Agnès (used to work in an inn not far away from the Dragon's Cave): Patrice (1209 AD). Carina: Jorge the evil eyed. Angela: Artaldo the skinchanger. Plus, probably many unknown children...

The whole family: Cortolis (magus), Angela (familiar), Patrice (the bastard), Agnès (Patrice's mother, cooks for the whole family), Paquita (bard, interpret and friend of Cortolis), Nimsil (Cortola's "uncle") and his wife Chloé, Xacbert of Congost (an exiled Cathar), Jorge, Artaldo, plus Carina (new shield grog). Blanche of Congost and her daughter Forneira still live in Montségur.

Familiar: Angela the Lady Hawk.

Filii: Cortola (1218), Conquérant (Raymond, 1228), Robert of Congost (1242).

Player: Didier.

Cortola, filia Cortolis, House Ex Miscellanea

Cortola is Cortolis' daughter and filia. Adept of Herbam magic (a bush of flowers constantly follows her steps), half-fae herself, she is particularly attracted to faerie magic and the herbs her "uncle" Nimsil makes her smoke.

Filii: Flora (in process).

Player: Didier.

Cron, House Ex Miscellanea

Cron is an elementalist. He masters the powers of Fire, Earth as well as those of Air and Water, what makes of him a formidable foe, even if he suffers from lacks in other fields. Guilty to have slayed in his youth one of his sodales (who had actually cursed him with leprosy), he has been condamned by the Iberian Tribunal to chase the Dark Flambeaus (renegade Flambeaus) with Karandos, Archmage Flambeau, and the parens of the diabolists' leader, Rasus.

Player: Gillou.

Dalbaud, filius Éléthar, House Criamon

Dalbaud, like every follower of Criamon, looks for an answer to the Enigma in his mystic studies. Almost 15 years of seclusion and efforts made of him a master of illusion. He his so fascinated by this sort of magic and uses it so frequently that some often wonder if they deal with him or with one of his illusory doubles. Physically, Dalbaud is marked with more than twenty tatoos. However, he is not disfigured and still looks handsome (another illusion?).

Familar: Olennia the (female) Seagull.

Filii: Ærus (1228), Ahmed (1242).

Player: Jérôme.

Helkus, filius Tal-Orguel, House Tytalus

Helkus, magus of House Tytalus, filius of Tal-Orguel, Tytalus Arch-magus. "From conflict comes growth" is my House's motto, and it is mine.

Fighting magus, specialist of cold and water, Helkus is generally cold and arrogant. He does not talk much. While traveling in the Middle-East (Alexandria, Badgad), he acquired some knowledge of non-hermetic arts. Since then, he is attracted to all kind of non-hermetic magic, either to fight it, or to learn it. Living nearby Moorish sorcerers fills him with utter joy.

Helkus has left the Covenant in 1231 to study the magic of the sorcerers from the East.

Player: Sam.

Iternus, House Ex Miscellanea

Iternus his a mysterious figure, adept of both fire and illusions, what makes him openly dangerous and potentially unspottable as well. No wonder why he belongs to House Ex Miscellanea...

Familiar: Sharkan the Tiger (!).

Player: Fred.

Pal Flipus, House Flambeau

Pal Flipus is the archetypal young Flambeau: violent, depraved, full of (destructive) energy... He also has the reputation of having passed a terribly bloody gauntlet. He is rumored to have been accepted in the Covenant only because he brings an additional sigil to vote at Tribunals...

Player: Stéphane.

Pyria, filia de Karandos, House Flambeau

Pyria is Karandos' (the Flambeau Archmage) filia. She inherited from her master her taste for destructive and spectacular fire magic. Naturally cold and insensible, she can become violent easily. Pyria recently managed to discover the path to the forgotten Val Negra covenant. She came back claiming that she was Vancasitum's heir (she actually seems to possess his Talisman), and that she was willing to restore Val Negra's former splendor.

Familiar: Étincelle the Cat.

Filii: Crepitus (1228), Barbecius (1244).

Player: Anne-Gaëlle.


Abdel Hassan the physician

Abdel Hassan is a Moorish physician. His previous boss was an evil Moorish sorcerer, what Abdel discovered at the cost of one ear! The Moorish sorcerer being one of the magi sworn ennemies, Abdel found shelter at Isla de Encanta. To be accepted in the covenant, he leaded the magi to a fabulous mystical treasure: the legendary golden ship of Hassan-the-Blue the pirate (that the Moorish sorcerer had been wanting for years!). Abdel Hassan is now the Covenant's Autocrat.

Player: Anne-Gaëlle.

David the wolf

David is from the Southern Pyreneans, where he was a shepherd. A few days after a short fight against a lone wolf, he woke up among his slaughtered sheep. Frightened, he fled the area, and was eventually sheltered by the magi of the Cadi covenant, who (tired of having their flocks decimated at each new moon and knowing of David's "disease") sent him to Isla de Encanta. There, he learnt to control himself a bit, while doing fewer damage.

Player: Fred.

Delasilva Junior the herbalist

Delasilva Junior never had an easy life, but he is gifted with a truly amazing intelligence and an exceptional gift for herbalism, what made of him an excellent recruit for the covenant.

Player: Gillou.

Ignacius/Ignacio the Redcap

Ignacius belongs to House Mercere. Though he is not gifted per se, some firmly believe he is an hedge wizard. He has indeed astonishing invocation abilities. Naturally nice to people, Ignacius was easily accepted as a member of the Covenant. Furthermore, he supplies the isolated Isla de Encanta with vital data about the Iberian Tribunal. When dealing with the mundanes, Ignacius is called Ignacio.

Player: Jérôme.

Nimsil the Sidhe blooded

Nimsil was one of the busier companions of the Dragon's Cave. Extremely dexter, he is able to throw his ice knives with a diabolic accuracy. He decided to retire after being nearly killed in a fight in Fangeaux and married a cute peasant named Chloé. When the Dragon's Cave was abandoned, he followed his masters, especially Cortolis, whose daughter Cortola he considers as his niece. Last precision: Nimsil's hobby is... smoking faerie herbs!

Player: Sam.

Paquita the bard

Born in 1191 in Spain, her (his?) taste for travels took her to places like Catalogna, the Alps, Occitania, where she learnt various tongues and played various instruments. One of her trips took her to Bagdag and Alexandria. She plans to write a set of dictionaries (Latin-Arabic, Latin-Hebrew, Latin-Spanish...) and cansos...

Player: Didier.

Xacbert of Congost

A relative of Cortolis, Xacbert is a fervent Cathar who has been forced to exile. This exceptional faidit knight is a vet from the Bataille du Muret.

Player: Didier.



She is Cortolis' "Shield" grog, though she is not a very good fighter. She compensates by being an excellent spy...

Player: Didier.

Esteve de Valencia

He is the Captain of the Covenant's merchant ship.

Player: Gillou.


He is a Moor, and a great horseman-archer. He sometimes serves as Dalbaud's bodyguard.

Player: Jérôme.

Thomas Proudfoot

Thomas Proudfoot the Englishman has been hired as a bodyguard by mistake. He is actually a mason. However, he has some fighting skills... His wife Coleen has recently lost her mind at Isla de Encanta. Since Cortolis is the only mage "skilled in the Arts of Mind", Thomas has rendered him responsible for Coleen's decay (and eventual death), and seeks revenge against the powerful magus.

Player: Jérôme.

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