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Loch Croig Glen

Covenant inhabitants

* Adwen, filius Iuren Mac Tyr, House Tytalus

Adwen has now left the Covenant, apparently chased by his former master...

Player: Ludovic

* Ailean, Shepherd

Ailean is the master of the fierce greyhound Glas Madadh.

Player: Jérôme

* Brezio Sarbla, filius Vicenze Vinelli, House Jerbiton

Player: Julien

* Coddwin, filius Fearg Aile, House Ex Miscellanea

Player: Denis

* Coelric "Softpaw" Mac Bride, filius Rænburh Wild Cat, House Bjornær

Player: Miguel

* Adept Dominique, Exorcist

A strange priest, so close to the dark side...

Player: Sam

* Eoghan, Sad Faerie Knight

Master of the faerie horse Each Dain.

Player: Didier

* Laurent, 100 year old Sailor

Player: ?

* Lubos Friedrich, filius Karl Gotthilf, House Tytalus

Player: Michaël

* Mac Robin, Elite Bowman

Player: Jean-Luc

* Mayerline, filia Bledri, House Merinita

Mayerline and her little faerie companion, Neil the Fauni, drawed by Roland Barthélémy

Player: Anne-Gaëlle

* Oenghus Mac Stirling, Ship Captain

Sole master aboard the Aran Seagull.

Player: Denis

* Roderick, Ex-Monk

Orphan, Roderick was adopted by the abbot of Edimburgh. Unsatisfied with the life of monk, he fled the abbey with the help of Coelric.

Player: Miguel

* Ruairidh, Thief and Spy

Player: Miguel

* Sibeal, Faerie Bard

Sibeal's portrait

Player: Gillou

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