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House rules

Rules simplification

We used to use a set of suggestions entitled Ars Magica Simplex.


An apparent flaw in the ArM4 combat system is the introduction of Encumbrance in the Attack and Defense totals, that tends to render armor useless, or even dangerous (for instance, a man in armor fighting his twin brother without armor is certainly doomed).

To counterbalance this, we add a bonus equal to the Athletics Skill level divided by two (rounded down) to the Attack and Defense totals. This bonus cannot exceed the armor charge. It represents the training for maneuvering in armor.

Spell mastery

Mastering a spell doesn't bring much of an advantage to a magus. In order to reward magi who make the effort to master their spells, we added the following possibilities to mastery. Each of the following options is to be used separately from the others (no combo possible at the same time).

(From the proposals by Ville Tirronen on the Berkeley Ars Magica mailing list).

Bjornær shapes

We use Patrick Murphy's rules.

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