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Covenant of Snæfellsjökull

This Covenant has been created using Ars Magica 5th edition's rules.

Season: Spring
Power Level: Medium (1415 points)
Magic Aura: +5
Aging Modifier: 0

Covenant map
(From the map of Scartaris Sanctum, Land of Fire & Ice p. 90)


1. Access tunnel
2. Great hall
3. Library
4. Council room
5. Servant quarters
6. Kitchen
7. Reserve
8. Wash-room
9. Companion quarters
10. Latrines
11. Magi's sancta (bedroom + laboratory)
12. Training room
13. Apodyterium (cloakroom)
14. Small baths (cold, tepid, hot)
15. Laconicum (warm and dry room)
16. Frigidarium (cold bath)
17. Lucas' bath (tepid)
18. Tepidarium (tepid room)
19. Caldarium (sauna)
20. Great bath (hot)


Library and Spells

Summæ (Arts): 396
Tractatus (Arts): 165
Lab texts: 177

Summæ (abilities): 169
Tractatus (abilities): 13
Autorities: 100

Total: 1020

Grimoire of the Hidden, by Timon of Tremere
Eyes of the Gnome1 (InTe 30), Carve the Mystic Tunnels1 (Pe/ReTe 25), Soothing the Earth's Wound1 (Mu/ReTe 20), Carve the Mystic Caverns2 (Pe/MuTe 40)

Grimoire of the Hearth, by Notatus of Bonisagus
Subterranean &Aelig;gis of the Hearth2 (ReVi 20)

The Body Broken and made Whole, by Julius Ex Miscellanea
Gentle Touch of the Purified Body (CrCo 15), The Chirurgeon?s Healing Touch (CrCo 20), Incantation of Weariness (PeCo 10), The Wound that Weeps (PeCo 15)

Mercurial Rituals, by Magister of Bonisagus
Wizard's Communion (MuVi 20)

Encyclopedia of the Hermetic Arts, by Cato of Bonisagus
Tractatus on all Arts, Quality 10, 5 volumes

Mystic Communication, by Donicus of Mercere
Creo and Intellego Summa, Level 8, Quality 9, Sharing the Thoughts3 (In/CrMe 35), Sharing the Distant Thoughts3 (In/CrMe 50), 4 volumes

The Birth of Mastery, by Empedocles of Tytalus
Rego summa, Level 7, Quality 6

The Lighter Side of Perdo, by Diodores of Flambeau
Perdo summa, Level 4, Quality 9

Falsehoods and Essences, by Origo Scholæ of Criamon
Summa about Imaginem (Level 10) and Vim (Level 10), Quality 5

Des Reis Elementis, by Narus Aurelianensis
Summa about Aquam (Level 9), Auram (Level 9), Ignem (Level 9), and Terram (Level 9), Quality 7, 3 volumes

The Diary of Beull Nam Beatach, Latin translation by Mrthween of Merinita
Summa about Muto (Level 8), Animal (Level 8), Corpus (Level 7), Herbam (Level 5), Faerie Lore (Level 3), Scotland Lore (Legends) (Level 3), Animal Ken (Level 2), and Hunt (Level 2), Quality 5, 3 volumes

The Price of Blood, by Gadar Ex Miscellanea
Perdo Tractatus, Quality 8

The Mouvement Swift and Safe, by Julius Ex Miscellanea
Corpus Tractatus, Quality 7

Principia Hermetica: Compendium de Principiis Hermeticae Magia, vel de Formis et Potentiis Vis Occultae, ac de Invocatione, Abjuratione, Transmutatione, Conjuratione et Divinatione, by Bonisagus the Founder
Magic Theory authority (Quality 5)

The Travels of Fedoso, by Verderis of Criamon
Enigmatic Wisdom authority (Quality 5), Artes Liberales summa, Level 3, Quality 6

An Introduction to the Peripheral Code, by Trutina of Guernicus
Hermetic Law summa, Level 4, Quality 9

Didaslicon, by Hugues of Saint Victor
Artes Liberales summa, Level 3, Quality 9

Periphyseon, by John Scottus Eriugena
Philosophiæ summa, Level 5, Quality 8

The Dialog of Bonisagus and Criamon
Magic Theory Tractatus, Quality 5

About Discernment
Intellego summa, Level 17, Quality 10

Corpus summa, Level 13, Quality 6

Manual of Mortal Illness, by Damon le Mont
Medicine Tractatus, Level 10, Quality 8, Curse of the Unportended Plague (PeCo 30)4, Cure the Unportended Plague (CrCo 30)4

Damon le Mont's grimoire
Invocation of the Wolf (CrAn 30), Mastering the Unruly Beasy (ReAn 25), Tongue of the Beasts (InAn 25), Confusion of the Numbed Will (ReMe 15), &Aelig;gis of the Hearth (ReVi 30), Phantasmal Wolf(CrIm 20)4, Waiting Spell (ReVi 30), Summoning the Distant Images (InIm 25), Opening the Intangible Tunnel (ReVi 30), Confusion of the Insane Vibrations (ReIm 30), The Invisible Eye Revealed (InVi 30), Disenchant (PeVi 30), Wind of Mundane Silence (PeVi 30), Pilum of Fire (CrIg 20), Arc of Fiery Ribbons (CrIg 25), Ball of Abysmal Flame (CrIg 35), Grip of the Choking Hand (PeCo 25)

Physiologus, annoted by Ericius of Bjornær
Summa of Legend Lore (Fabulous Animals), Level 5, Quality 8; and Animal, Level 10, Quality 8

The Investigator's Manual
The Inexorable Search (InCo 20), Eyes of the Past (InIm 20), Perception of Lingering Magic (InVi 30)

The Old Physician's Library
Summae of Creo (Level 4, Quality 9) ; Intellego (Level 8, Quality 7) ; Muto (Level 3, Quality 5) ; Perdo (Level 6, Quality 10) ; Rego (Level 9, Quality 7) ; Aquam (Level 8, Quality 8) ; Auram (Level 7, Quality 7) ; Ignem (Level 7, Quality 7) ; Vim (Level 9, Quality 9) ; Magical Lore (Level 3, Quality 5)


Vis sources

Cost: 325

Enchanted Items

The Covenant's inhabitants benefit from the magic items they found when they arrived and that mainly help lighting and heating the cave complex1.

Cost: 70




Beholden (Major): by Fudarus and Houses Tytalus and Guernicus. 30 pawns of Vis are owed each year to the Convenant's allies.

Contested resource (Minor): Vis source.

Protector (Minor): Dagverdara farm. One of the magi must spend one season a year for various duties.


Aura (Minor x 2): +5.

Seclusion (Minor): The Covenant's location makes it difficult to access. Only rare visitors reach it.

Buildings (Minor x 2) : Great hall and baths.

1 Cf. Land of Fire & Ice, p. 91
2 Cf. Land of Fire & Ice, p. 92
3 Cf. Mythic Perspectives #9, p. 37
4 Cf. Black Death

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