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Snæfellsjökull Timeline


You have just witnessed the Oath of two brave apprentices. These young people, and the three young magi you can see other there, have shown great wisdom and initiative.

By solving the mystery of Ad Vis Per Veritas and slaying an elder demon and its minions, they achieved a great feat for the Tribunal. The shadow of corruption could have threatened us all, but these young fellows, the new generation of our Order, did not fall to it and could uncover the truth. Thanks to them, evil has been banned, a unique Vis source has been brought back under our control and the magi Juan of Guernicus and Heriwald of Mercere, plus a promising apprentice, have been saved from the worst of all illnesses: the plague! Indeed, Sodales, most of you know this plague must be feared for it can often resist our mightiest magic. They, could resist it!

Here the names of these young heroes, Sodales!

Amalys of Jerbiton,
Aoléris of Oranéi of Criamon, Quæsitor,
Astyan of Ex Miscellanea,
Valérian of Merinita,
Wolfgang of Bonisagus.

Let them know, and the Tribunal is my witness, that their feat will be rewarded as it should!

The session is over."

Bullistie, Primus of House Tytalus
Fudarus, Tribunal of Normandy, Autumn 1220

Story log

  1. 1220 (summer): Black Death
  2. 1220 (autumn): Trial by Fire
  3. 1220 (winter): The Tears of the Godi
  4. 1222 (spring): Thord's Feast, in Land of Fire and Ice
  5. 1223 (summer): Meet the Dragon, in Land of Fire and Ice
  6. 1224 (winter): Feast of Thanks, in Land of Fire and Ice
  7. 1225 (summer): The Pagans of Loch Ness (original story)
  8. 1225 (winter): Hunters' Contest, in Faerie Stories
  9. 1226 (summer): Tower in the Rock, in Faerie Stories
  10. 1227 (spring): Sailor from Above, in Living Lore
  11. 1227 (summer): False Claim, in Black Monks of Glastonbury
  12. 1228 (summer): Magic beneath the Skin, in Hermes Portal #12
  13. 1229-1230: The Icelandic Wars
  14. 1230 (autumn): The Sorcerer's Slave

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