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New Roles & Professions

Athlete (*)

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, physical feats are your life's goal. You spend a lot of time practicing and make all the sacrifices needed to remain in good shape and keep on playing your chosen sport.


You are not human. You are a machine born from a scholar. But though you are made of metal and wood instead of flesh and blood, you are still an intelligent and sensible creature!

In game terms: Health for automata is two points greater than health for a human being with same Physique. A dammaged automaton may be repared with the Tinkering skill. In combat, dammages inflicted by an automaton using is limbs as weapons are two points greater than those inflicted by a human being with the same Physique. A weapon can be integrated into the automaton (arm, eyes, etc.). Autamata cannot know the Sorcery skill, and cannot exceed level GReat in the Stealth skill.

Esthete (*)

You are a wealthy, young gentleman or lady of good education and taste. Depending on the era, you are a dandy, a pre-raphaelite or an end-of-century decadent. Your idols are Byron, Baudelaire, Swinburne, or Wilde. Reasonable people make fun of you, respectable people think you are scandalous, but you love make life more beautiful.

Medium (*)

The practice of spiritism has always been subject to controversy. If those who believe in it see in it the proof of life after death, scepticals simply consider it as fraudulous. Unfortunately, they are not always wrong. But you are not one of these con artists who abuse the weak-willed's distress. You have true powers!

The Spirite Brotherhood: The Brotherhood is a relatively informal sorcerous order. Its member swear mutual assistance, but this oath usually remains symbolic. The Brotherhood possesses the Dark Book of Necromancy and the Paranormal Divination Manuscript.

Reformator (*)

Your goal is to improve society and your fellow-citizens' life. You try and reach it through your political engagement. However, you have chosen the parlementary way rather than the violent one.

Zealous Servant (*)

Who is the true master in numerous households? The aristocracy and the respectable middle-class simply depend on your practical skills. Yet, life is not always easy, especially if your masters cannot offer themselves the last fashionable gadgets which rendre numerous menial tasks much less painful, but at least, your are not in need.

(*) Role inspired by the corresponding character concept from GURPS Steampunk.

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