Castle Falkenstein

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House rules

Character generation

A character cannot start with more than 5 skills at level PooR.

Experience and improvement

This is an attempt to formalize character improvement with an experience system that is more "quantified" than the original system. All this is still in experimentation.

For a given skill to progress, a certain amount of experience must be accululated. This is materialized by marks near the skill in the character's diary. When the number of marks reaches the numeral value of the next skill level, the skill improves. For instance, 4 marks are necessary to go from level PooR to level AVeraGe, 8 marks are necessary to go from level GooD to level GreaT. These marks are obtained either in adventure, or by trainnig or studying.

Since skills cover different types of abilities, they cannot all evolve the same way. They are hence divided into three categories (see table below).

Type I skills Type II skills Type III skills
All CLUBS skills except:
Craftsmanship (DIAMONDS)
Helmsmanship (DIAMONDS)
Tinkering (DIAMONDS)
Gambling (DIAMONDS)
Charm (HEARTS)
Mesmerism (HEARTS)
All DIAMONDS skills except:
Physique (CLUBS)
All SPADES skills
All HEARTS skills except:
Perception (DIAMONDS)

Adventure experience (Type I skills)

Marks are earned in adventure when a character obtains a Fumble or a High Success in a feat and both following conditions are met:
1. the Host has opposed at least one card to the character;
2. the Host judges the disaster or the feat deserves a mark.

Training/Study (Type I & II skills)

Training or study allow to accumulate one mark per month of assiduous, uninterrupted work. This apprenticeship is usually supervized by a master. The master cannot bring his student beyond his own level. Generally, the master will have to be payed too! A person training alone cannot raise skills above level GooD. Eventually, in the case of knowledges, the master can be replaced by a book (each book must be assigned a level by the Host).

Note: The Host will have to use the indications provided in the rules to grant marks to Type III Skills, which cannot fit easily in this system.

Feats & cards

The colors of cards being inequaly spread among skills and some skills being more often used than others, players are frequently frustrated not to be able to achieve a truly great feat because he does not have the right colors in his hand.

To solve this problem, we applied the following change to card values:

For instance, if Lord Mac Dudule attempts a HEARTS feat:

So, if Lord Mac Dudule, very willingful to success, plays three cards, he achieves the following result.

         5 of HEARTS                     5
         King of DIAMONDS        	 6 (13/2)
         10 of SPADES                    1
         TOTAL                          11

This system is still being tested. Up to now, its works well and has the advantage of not modifying much the basic rules without rendering the characters extra-strong.

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